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Welcome to the AIPF

Our vision is to stimulate economic activity and social development on the African continent by enabling infrastructure development.

The AIPF delivers a pipeline of fundable infrastructure projects on the African continent, distributed across a number of key sectors. Its portfolio of projects is compiled by a fully resourced project development company which possesses the technical, financial, environmental, socio-economic and institutional expertise required to identify and prepare infrastructure opportunities to financial closure. This makes the AIPF an attractive investment for funders wishing to invest in fundable infrastructure projects in Africa. The AIPF is a revolving facility with no closure date. The Facility intends to invest R 650 million in infrastructure project preparation across the African continent over a period of 10 years, which is expected to unlock over R 6 billion worth of capital projects. The AIPF provides the funding and capabilities required to progress projects through the early stage preparation phase, which will provide a pipeline of potential bankable projects that would not have been available for further development to fundability and financial close.

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The Need for Project Preparation Funding

Despite the progress made, most developing countries still suffer from insufficient access to quality, reliable infrastructure. Preparing infrastructure programmes to attract private investment is a complex and demanding challenge, especially in the African context.

Facility with preparation capability

• Lean management team

• Improved preparation ability – team of professional service partners (integrated team providing financial, technical, environmental, social, institutional services)

• Improved project preparation timeline 

Plugging the market gap

• Project preparation funding – high risk early stage preparation (translating into uplift)

• Improved project preparation – delivering a pipeline of bankable projects 

Blended funding

Attracting impact/donor funding – vision and core focus centred on development impact

Development Impact, a core value

It is the vision of the AIPF to stimulate economic activity and social development on the African continent by enabling infrastructure development. With this end in mind, the AIPF maintains an emphasis on the socio-economic impact and sustainability of the infrastructure projects it will unlock on the continent. This is defined by the AIPF as its Development Impact.

The AIPF prioritises Development Impact by: 

Encouraging sustainable development practices throughout the infrastructure development lifecycle
Encouraging blended funding and cooperation between different parties in the investment spectrum, as both socio-economic value and financial returns on the portfolio are prioritised
Providing an opportunity for the private sector to generate more value for its portfolio of projects, for investors and for society at large