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Investor Prospects

through an integrated multi-disciplinary team of professional service partners
Investor Profiles
The AIPF has obtained a commitment from its anchor investor, profiled below. The AIPF is in the process of conducting an investor roadshow as part of its capital raise. Contact us to find out more.

Bigen Africa is an established infrastructure development and engineering firm with a core vision of improving quality of life as the ultimate development impact. Through an innovative, holistic and partner-focused approach, Bigen Africa provides sustainable infrastructure solutions across key development sectors. The Bigen Africa service offering heeds the growing demand of the public sector, private sector, and civil society across the continent, meeting project and sustainability targets, and addressing prevailing global challenges such as climate change, urbanisation and water, food, health and energy security.

This is achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach to infrastructure development, in which Bigen Africa and its strategic partners craft solutions which integrate technical, financial, environmental socio-economic and institutional services across the real estate, energy, water, health and transport sectors.

Through a combination of in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships, Bigen Africa provides services spanning the full value chain of infrastructure development,, including feasibility studies; development funding, structuring and arranging; project preparation, management and implementation.

Bigen Arica is a local and regional delivery platform for multi-national companies, international donors and finance institutions seeking to work or invest on the continent. This holistic approach results in infrastructure solutions customised to customer and regional requirements, facilitation true local economic participation and empowerment. 

Bigen Africa’s integrated solutions lead to bankable projects which are fit for purpose and benefit the communities who use and access the infrastructure. By doling good while doing business, Bigen Africa realises lasting development impact.

Development Impact: a core value
AIPF has obtained a commitment from its anchor investor, profiled below. AIPF is in the process of conducting an investor roadshow as part of its capital raise. Contact us to find out more.
With this end in mind, the AIPF maintains an emphasis on the socio-economic impact and sustainability of the infrastructure projects it will unlock on the continent. This is reflected in the AIPF’s investment mandate. The necessity of infrastructure in the African context is driven by the need for sustained social upliftment and economic growth in societies across the continent, and its implementation impacts on the socio-economic landscape around a project.
The AIPF considers it critical to address socio-economic risks and opportunities on a local level in the early stages of project development. The development impact considerations of the AIPF specifically consider the social elements of globally recognised ESG criteria, focusing on the impact of its business on local communities and stakeholders, and the economic, social and environmental sustainability of its infrastructure project portfolio.
Throughout the project screening and selection process, the development impact of each project is assessed and opportunities for increasing socio-economic benefits are explored. Through this approach, the pipeline of fundable projects generated by the AIPF is an appealing destination for development finance institutions, socially responsible investors, impact investors, and donors.

A focus on development impact

  • encourages sustainable development practices throughout the infrastructure development lifecycle;
  • encourages blended funding and cooperation between different parties in the investment spectrum, as both socio-economic value and financial returns on the portfolio are prioritised; and
  • provides an opportunity for the private sector to generate more value for its portfolio of projects, for investors and for society at large.