Market Analysis section, Project Pipeline and Pipeline Development sections

Project Preparation Capability

The AIPF has established a pipeline development methodology as a robust means for project evaluation, analysis, and recommendation. This framework guides the packaging and preparation of opportunities and governs the approval process at each stage in project development, ensuring that the portfolio and pipeline are developed in a consistent manner that satisfies investors and downstream funders (e.g. commercial lending institutions intending to fund projects beyond Financial Close). A key part of this process is the Project Screening Tool utilised in the screening and selection of projects, which highlights project risks and ensures that projects are suitable for consideration by the Facility. The AIPF’s preparation capability places it in an ideal position to generate opportunities, while its funding ability makes it an attractive partner for project promoters. The Facility will generate a pipeline of bankable projects through existing relationships with project developers and infrastructure sponsors with a track record of successful projects, and through the Facility investors and their networks.

Core Services: Co-development services; Project identification, screening, and preparation; Bankable / Fundable Feasibility studies; Project viability review; Development Impact reporting; Structuring and arranging of funding.

Supporting Capabilities: Investment portfolio management and prioritisation; Fund management and administration.


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Portfolio Strategy

AIPF Target Geographies

Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa
Locations selected based on:
• Investment climate
• Infrastructure funding focus
• Conducive taxation environment
• Foreign direct investment and foreign exchange policy
• Enabling legislative environment (supporting development)
• Safety and security indices of global aid organisations (e.g. Global Peace Index, Global Safety Index, etc.)


AIPF Target Sectors

Strategically selected based on:

• the infrastructure backlog on the African continent
• an analysis of funding in emerging market
• intentional alignment with the infrastructure development industry on the continent

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The AIPF focuses on five core, fundable sectors:

• Transport – Including rail, road, concessions, and logistics
• Energy – Including renewable energy, transmission lines, and captive energy solutions
• Water – Including water treatment, waste water services, captive water solutions, and agricultural water applications
• Real Estate – Including commercial and residential structures and developments
• Health – Including health planning, design, licensing and facilities management
• 10% of the facility may be allocated to alternative sectors with proven fundability, such as Education and ICT, at the discretion of the Management Committee.